Residential islamic studies &tajwid course for brothers

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Residential islamic studies &tajwid course for brothers

Message par abou khaled le Lun 03 Déc 2007, 13:19

Salam aleikoum


Dates: Monday 24th December – Monday 31st December 2007
Venue: Islamic Foundation, Markfield Conference Centre, Ratby
Lane, Leicestershire, LE67 9SY

This is a residential Islamic Studies and Tajwid course for
brothers and sisters (aged 16+) which will take place during
the winter holiday period. The course will be taught by a
number of national and international scholars and teachers
who have studied abroad for a number of years and have been
teaching at various courses in the UK.

Topics in Islamic Studies will include Aqidah, Fiqh (Hanafi),
Usul-al-Fiqh, Ulum-al-Quran, Ulum-al-Hadith, Family Life
(Marriage), Education in Islam, Da'wah, Tazkiyah, Mission of
the Prophets and the Islamic Movement. Tajwid classes will
be taught at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

The course fees have been heavily subsidised and includes food,
accommodation, course materials, as well as the course itself.

* For students - £200 (£165 before closing date)
* For employed - £230 (£195 before closing date)

Shuyukh and teachers include: Shaykh Ahmad Mu'adh Al-Khatib
Al-Hasanee, Shaykh Abul Kalam Azad, Shaykh Abdus Salam Azadi,
Ustadh Rafiqul Islam, Ustadh Muhammad Fahimul Anam, Ustadha
Selina Begum Ali, Ustadha Nacira Sebouai, Ustadh Adil Rahman,
Ustadh Zillani Miah, Ustadh Mustafa Umar, Ustadh Hafiz Ahmad
Faruq, and Ustadh Hassan Mahmood.

* Registration closing date is Saturday 15th December 2007.

For further information please contact:
E-mail: info@...
Tel: 07985 193 045 (brothers) / 07958 031 731 (sisters)

abou khaled
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